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Snow Foam Bottle for Car Washer Heavy duty

Snow Foam Bottle for Car Washer Heavy duty

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Snow Foam Lance Bottle All Starq Models Compatible Adjustable 1L Set Plus Brass Adapter
Material: Plastic
Colour: White
Size: 1 L


STARQ Adjustable Foam Lance Bottle is built to make cleaning effective and efficient. This handy attachment can be connected with all STARQ washers and used to create a powerful and soapy stream of water to get rid of dust, stains, impurities and odour from your vehicle’s body. It can also be employed in cleaning spaces around your household and other establishments.

Solid Brass Connectors
All connectors of the lance bottle are made of heavy-duty solid brass metal. This enhances the functionality and durability of the foam lance bottle as the connectors can last long while resisting corrosion and rust.

Brass Adaptor
A brass adaptor is provided with the bottle to help connect it with all STARQ car washer models. This adaptor coupling is easy to install and features a quick connect and release system.

Adjustable Spray Nozzle
The out flow from the nozzle can be adjusted depending on your needs and requirement. Just twist the nozzle to make the flow more streamlined and concentrated or set it to spraying mode to cover a large area at once.

Bottle Capacity
The foam lance bottle is made of robust plastic material. It can easily contain all common household and automobile cleaning liquid. It has a capacity of 1 Litre in volume and you can mix your favourite car wash soap and warm water in the ratio 1:4.

Easy to Use
Fill the bottle with hot or warm water before adding soap, allow the solution to mix well. Adjust the spray of the nozzle to find the stream that works for you and spray away the jet stream of soapy water to get rid of dust, stains and impurities from the surface.

This lance bottle attachment can be used to conduct regular or annual cleanings in and around your home to make your space squeaky clean. It is also helpful in cleaning automobiles, drive ways, windows, roofs etc.

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