AWP2.4 ALL IN ONE COMBO (with extension rod)

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Cleaning and maintaining your cars, bikes and house is easy and fun with the STARQ AWP2.4 heavy duty pressure washer. This washer can be connected to a number of accessories for fast and efficient cleaning. It can be employed in washing your cars, watering flowers, cleaning bathrooms, windows, floor, air conditioner filters and more. STARQ Car Washer is a creative products that have a sense of style, practicality and durability.We have improved our products by taking things to the next level; be it in quality, efficiency or performance. Our products have been thoroughly designed and tested to provide you with the utmost satisfaction when using our products. Technical Specs: Input Power: 2400W Rated Voltage:220-240V Rated frequency: 50/60 Hz Flow Rate: 700 L/Hr Working Pressure: 180-280 Bar Max Pressure (Breaking): 320 Bar USE CLEAN WATER ONLY AND DO AIR TIGHT INLET FITTING OTHERWISE AIR BUBBLE WILL COME WHICH WILL LEAD TO JERK AND PRESSURE WONT BUILD PROPERLY. Legal Disclaimer: NOTE: NOT FOR CONTINUOUS USE. MAX RUN TIME 5 MINUTES THEN REST OF 20 SECONDS IS REQUIRED. The pressure gauge is filled with OIL and a bubble is inside the pressure gauge that doesn't mean that there is any leakage and you can safely use the product. Service terms and conditions: 1) For small parts we send the parts via courier which you can or any local mechanic can change. 2) For bigger problem like machine problem you have to send machine to us via post or courier and we will repair and replace the machine and send it to you and one side courier charges you have to pay and one side we will bear the cost.

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