Frequently Ask Questions(FAQ) / Troubleshooting

Q) How to contact STARQ/ QPT Customer Care (SUPPORT) Team?

A) You can call our TOLL FREE NUMBER: - 18002678969 or Mobile: - 9769726227/ 7987222725 (Monday- Sunday 11am to 5.30pm) Sunday as it is holiday we will take some extra time to revert back so please bear with us

      The FASTEST way of resolution is to WHATSAPP on 9769726227

      You Can also email:- or


Q) What is Warranty for STARQ/ QPT Products?

A) STARQ Pressure washer range comes with 1 year service warranty and QPT comes with 6 months service warranty. For warranty claim/ details please see the images below:

For STARQ :- 

For QPT:- 


Q) Portable Pressure Washer/ Machine comes with only 2 PIN Plug, is it safe to use?

A) YES, it is 100% safe to use, the machine has internal 3 core wiring and provision for earthing wire is given its Yellow/ Green in color. The machine already has the earthing wire attached to its body for safe operation.

In case of shock, we would request you to cut and change the plug and make it a 3 pin plug all 3 wirings are there. It will cost 80-100 Rs and that charges we will reimburse you back.

Q) Is Domestic 5 amp plug safe to operate the pressure washer?

A) All STARQ/ QPT Portable pressure washer range require domestic 5 AMP Plug to operate and don’t require heavy 15 Amp plug which heavy appliances like AC/ Fridge require. The electric supply should be continuous 50Hz and DO NOT USE on GENERATOR. Simple domestic plug which you use for mobile charging is enough to operate.

QT1800HPW/ QT2200HPW (Trolley type Commercial) these are heavy machines and require Single phase Heavy 15Amp plug to be used.

Q) Can we use Extension Board to operate the pressure washer?

A) YES, you can use any extension board to operate the machine but please make sure it’s a good quality one. Some Extension board comes with the FUSE, so its recommended you buy 4-5 extra FUSE in case it gets burnt (Extension board takes load/ Over heat)


Q) When do we need to change oil?

A) Oil change is not required until and unless machine gives any issues like over heating or loud sound. If your machine is working properly then refrain from opening the machine/ pump chamber as it can create more problems.

For Plunger type pumps like Starq ST1800 P1, QPT QT1800 HPW and QPT QT2200HPW you need to change oil after every 100 hours of use. Till 100 hours of machine use keep the oil level regularly and top up oil in the oil chamber till the mark on the pump part glass side. After 100 Hrs of use drain the oil completely from bottom there is a drain cleaning nut, then fill full new oil from top side.

Use 15-40w or 20-40w Engine oil available at local petrol pump, the thinner the better. At our service center we use Type 0 oil which may not be available everywhere so you can use engine oil as specified above.

For specific oil change videos please Whatsapp 9769726227

Q) Can I use Bucket Suction/ Tap Water as inlet source of water?

A) YES, You can use both Bucket Suction and Tap Water for inlet. If you use bucket suction, make sure the inlet pipe is no longer than 1.5-2mtr maximum as the machine will not suck (prime) water if longer pipe is attached. Keep the bucket on same level as the machine or on slightly higher level than machine. The PRESSURE WASHER is not a WATER PUMP and do not use like it, it will not suck water from lower level/ tank and this can lead to air bubble being formed and machine heating which in case can even lead to motor being burnt.

Tap Suction is recommended as it gives positive running water to the machine and avoids bubble formation and less/ no load on machine, but need to make sure that the water is clean without any algae/ dust. Even small amount of dust/ algae and lead to valves getting blocked which can lead to pressure loss/ auto cut off issue.

Q) How to fit the accessories and use the machine?


Q. What cleaning solutions can I use in my pressure washer?

You should only use dedicated Foam Shampoo only in the soap dispenser or Foam Lance bottle that are designed for pressure washers. Do not use Clinic plug/ Hair Shampoo or Surf/ Ariel powder in soap dispenser, foam lance or inlet suction (Bucket) as it can lead to valves and pistons getting jammed. Other cleaners (like bleach) could damage your pressure washer pump and shorten the life of the machine.

Q. Can I use hot water in my pressure washer?

A. The standard pressure washer is meant to be used with cold water. Using hot water in one of these machines could damage the pump.

Q. How do I clean out a clogged nozzle?

A. Always shut off the machine and disconnect the spray gun before examining the nozzle. If it is clogged, you can use a small, thin piece of wire to poke out any obstructions. Then, run water through it again to remove any remaining debris. Connect it to the pressure washer and try again.


Q) What if my machine is jerking/ shaking?

A. It is most probably the issue with pressure retaining valve kindly see video below how to clean/ replace it.


Q) What if my machine not turning on even plugged in power source?

A. It can be issue with two things:

1) Auto cut off switch: 


2) Capacitor: Kindly check with the local electrician or short and check it manually.

Safety Tips:

1. A pressure washer is a great cleaning tool if used properly and safely, when using your pressure washer, never point the gun at any person or pet, never allow children to play around a pressure washer when it is in use.

2. After turning off the pressure washer, always release any pressure by squeezing the gun trigger before disconnecting the hoses and nozzles.

3. It is strictly forbidden to use the machine without water. If water stops during use, please shut down the machine immediately (the machine can't run without water for more than 1 minute), otherwise it will affect the lifetime and even damage the machine.



TIPS & TRICKS to Safely use the Pressure Washer (Maintenance)