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QPT by STARQ QT-30 Super Pressure Commercial Washer 3000HPW (Combo)

QPT by STARQ QT-30 Super Pressure Commercial Washer 3000HPW (Combo)

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Ian Peters
Value for momey combo

best accessories best foam lance and best machine all in a combo a complete package..




Product Details:


Model QT3000HPW
Power 3 Kw
Rpm 2800
Flow 12L/min
Voltage 220/50Hz
Capacitance 30uf
Pump Part Brass 
Max Pressure 220Bar
Working Pressure 180-220 Bar
Phase Single 200-220V
Mode Dual (Auto cut/ Manual)

  • Most affordable commercial pressure washer can run 24 hours 
  • Portable yet high pressure
  • Pressure Adjustment 
  • Industry 1st Dual Auto and ON -2 Type functionality
  • Industrial Grade Heavy Brass Pump Chamber
  • Ceramic Coated Pistons
  • 100% copper wire
  • Self suction 
  • Induction motor type
  • Brass chamber
  • Compact design
  • Heavy duty spare parts
  • Easily repairable

1.High pressure washers have been developed with the aim of removing stubborn dirt under tough working conditions.

2.Efficient cleaning results are achieved using high flow rates and high pressure.


1. Efficient excellent power to weight ratio, to complete cleaning job quality.

2. Long service life, sturdy and reliable.

3. Variable pressure for optimal flexibility.

4. Compact and powerful.

5. Silent

6. Copper winding.

7. Corrosion resistant finish.



1. Vehicle cleaning

2. Air-conditioning cleaning

3. Compound wall cleaning

4. Garden equipment cleaning

5. Outdoor floor cleaning

6. Outside staircase cleaning

Make maintaining your house, car or bike fun and easy with this high pressure washer from Starq. This pressure washer comes with a number of accessories that are quick and easy to connect for fast and efficient cleaning. The auto stop function makes the device highly energy efficient and thus very convenient.

Performance: It has a powerful 3000 w induction motor which gives high pressure and auto stop function enables energy saving. Design: it has a beautiful ergonomic design which is very easy to carry with the handle and takes very less space. It can easily be fitter on front of your bike or in your backpack.

Content: Washer, inlet pipe, outlet pipe-7mtr. Outlet gun, adapter ease of use: very easy to use, the water pipe can be easily connected with the water gun, ergonomic water gun design is smooth and convenient to grip. Suitable for: excepting for being used to wash car, it is also suitable for watering flowers, washing bathroom, cleaning window, washing floor, cleaning air conditioner design: compact, versatile for easy transport and mobility. High-performance machine with pump to reduce noise. Simple but efficiently made. A bucket of water is enough to wash your car. Ultra powerful, compact, copper winding for long life.

STARQ’S High Pressure Washer helps you perform efficient cleaning with minimal efforts. The multifunction nozzle is built for different cleaning tasks. It helps you clean various surfaces like concrete, ceramic tiles, granite floors, glass, wood, AC vents etc. It has quick fitting nozzles that can connect to different kinds of outlets that are meant for different tasks. This helps in saving time while changing nozzles. This brilliant high-pressure cleaning pump is compact and very portable. It is easy to assemble and easy to use.

The pump is equipped with a 3000W power Induction motor that generates less heat, consumes less power and lasts longer. The 3S intelligent effluent generates a powerful jet of water with a flow rate of 720 ltr/hour and a pressure of 180-220 bar. This provides a quick and effective cleaning experience, such that it takes up to 5 minutes to wash a two-wheeler and up to 10 minutes for a four-wheeler.

Dual Purpose Suction
The powerful and efficient motor can absorb water from a tap, bucket or a tub. The self-suction feature of the pump is capable of absorbing and dispensing the water at high pressure levels.

Auto Shut Down
In order to prevent the pump from running idle without use, it is built with an auto shut-off feature. So, when you leave the machine on and forget to turn it off, the pump shuts itself off automatically to save power.

Noise-Less Operation
The pump operates at reduced noise levels. Hence, it can be used in any surrounding without causing disturbance to anyone. It is known to be twice as powerful as a copper coil motor but is silent.

Over Heat Protection
The in-built heat protection mode prevents the pump from reaching the threshold temperature. This reduces the chances of the machine getting damaged from overheating.

Powerful and Convenient
The pump dispenses water at a high-pressure of about 220 Bar to get rid of even the most stubborn grime or debris. The stream of water can reach to a distance of about 6 to 10 meters. This makes it easy for you to clean your car without moving about frequently to reach all the sides.

Package Contents
This package includes all the components required to get professional-like car washing at your home. It includes a powerful induction motor pump, high pressure jet nozzle, high pressure hose and a priming pipe.

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