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STARQ® W7 2700W | 270 Bar | Heavy Duty High Pressure Washer | Red (Standard)

STARQ® W7 2700W | 270 Bar | Heavy Duty High Pressure Washer | Red (Standard)

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Ayan sikdar
Good one

First, when I received the product package, the outer brand packaging was good with brand logo. But when I unboxed it, I was stunt to see that brand box was missing. More over 3 accessories were missing ie. Extension rod, micro fiber cloth & cleaning pin. & the user manual sent,was other machine's(w8).

I contact them,they told me to send pictures of those item which I received via whatsApp, & tell them which accessories was not given by them. When they know that i already make a video of my unboxing, they told me that the video also send them.

2nd, they excused as the product was new, first batch already sold out. My machine is second batch's brand new product. So, main box & user manual was not printed till now. Although they send me a pdf of a user manual, and told me that all user manual is same for all varients.

3rd, they told me First check and use the pressure washer as well as all accessories which I got thoroughly, if anything wrong, just told us. If the machine not working properly, raise a replacement. And if accessories not working properly, make a video and send to them.After verify ,they courier that faulty accessories' replacement, along with those 3 missing accessories.

I agreed. Next 2 hours use & check all the equipments with main unit continuously & fully satisfied with my pressure washer.

I informed them, when I got those missing accessories,first I check & then register for warranty.They agreed & couriered those 3 missing part immediately that day.

Umesh H
Lovely new addition to my starq collection

This is the 4th machine in my family..2 -w3a , 1 Qt30 and 1-W7 now..wonderful product range from starq

Hardik P
Beautiful design best performance

Attractive design high pressure

Narendra Kaka
awesome machine

fab machine and awesome performance

game changer!

I was one of the first to try out this new pressure washer, and I must say it's fantastic.
The build quality is excellent and the performance is outstanding.



Make maintaining your house, car or bike fun and easy with this high pressure washer from Starq. This pressure washer comes with a number of accessories that are quick and easy to connect for fast and efficient cleaning. The auto stop function makes the device highly energy efficient and thus very convenient.

Performance: it has a powerful 2700 w induction motor which gives high pressure and auto stop function enables energy saving.

Design: it has a beautiful ergonomic design which is very easy to carry with the handle and takes very less space. It can easily be fitter on front of your bike or in your backpack.

Content: Washer, inlet pipe, outlet pipe-8mtr. Outlet gun, adapter ease of use: very easy to use, the water pipe can be easily connected with the water gun, ergonomic water gun design is smooth and convenient to grip.

Suitable for: excepting for being used to wash car, it is also suitable for watering flowers, washing bathroom, cleaning window, washing floor, cleaning air conditioner design: compact, versatile for easy transport and mobility. High-performance machine with pump to reduce noise. Simple but efficiently made. A bucket of water is enough to wash your car. Ultra powerful, compact, copper winding for long life


  • BRAND NEW 2023 WATER PROOF: STARQ High Pressure Washer manufactured with 100% copper induction motor, powerful PCB and durable ABS plastic. This allow you to use the pressure washer for a long time. Powerful 2700-Watt induction motor generates 270 bar. STARQ High Pressure washers is ideal for quickly and easily removing dirt , such as Car, Bike, AC Servicing, cleaning decks, terraces, driveways, siding, sheds, trucks , boats, outdoor power equipment, solar panels.
  • Water Proof Design IPX5 level water proof for protection against sudden splashes during washing. Can run continuously for 3-4 hours non stop.
  • INNOVATIVE DESIGN: At STARQ, It took years of research & development, 7 appearance optimization, 9 channel process, patented design and technology.
  • TOTAL STOP SYSTEM (TSS): STARQ High Pressure Washer features safety automatic total stop system (TSS), which automatically shuts off the pump when trigger is not engaged to save energy and prolong pump life.


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