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STARQ ST165-9 Inline Automatic Water Pressure Pump With Wall Mounting Bracket (RED)

STARQ ST165-9 Inline Automatic Water Pressure Pump With Wall Mounting Bracket (RED)

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Gaurav Gupta
super silent booster pump

very very good machine I am using this for washing machine and fits perfectly and works seamlessly..everytime there is pressure requirement from the machine, the auto function of the pump switches on the machine and the pump works silently



Starq Booster pump series is an inline booster pumps are used to circulate water in closed circuit, or to boost pressure of water for bathroom utilities (shower, taps, flush, etc). In these pumps motor is totally enclosed in stainless steel enclosure (Enamel Coated). Pumps are low noise, optimum loaded and maintenance free.

【Premium Material】- The recirculating pump consists of cast iron pump head and aluminum pump housing, featuring high efficiency & fluidity, low consumption, and good airtightness. The pump is heat and wear-resistant. 165 Watts Super silent with wall attachment and Enamel coated for long life

【Main Parameter】-3/4 inch (19.05 mm) x 1/2 inch inlet/outlet. Voltage/Frequency: 220V, 50Hz. Rated power: 165 W. AUTO / MANUAL modes. Flow: 50 LPM. Max head:9 m. Fluid temp range: 0-90°C

【Humanized Design】- Low noise (around 25dB) and less energy consumption; less cold water waste and waiting time. Instant hot water now enables you to get hot water about 15 seconds compared with 2-3 minutes in the past (note: the kitchen takes about 1 minute to get hot water for the flow restriction).

【Easy installation】- Just a wrench/ spanner to connect the pump to pipeline, saving the cost of plumbers. It's equipped with a common NPT1/2” adapter. The pump with constant circulating hot water prevent the pipe from freezing, which is especially useful for extremely cold areas in winter.

【Wide Application】- Our hot water circulation pump is suitable for a wide range of application scenarios: city buildings, suburban villas, houses, industrial equipment, air conditioning, boilers, solar circulating water and so on.

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