STARQ ST-2400U Watts 220 Bar Portable High Pressure Washer Universal Motor 1 Year Warranty Red Black 100% Copper Winding for Home, Car and Bike Washing

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STARQ’s revolutionary high pressure home and car washer helps you do a quick and efficient cleaning job in less time with minimal effort. With its multi-function nozzle that is designed for a wide variety of cleaning jobs you can also clean other surfaces like courtyards, roofs and terraces. With its sturdy wheels and easy-fold handle make this a portable device. The quick-connect fittings help you save time while changing nozzles, and the auto stop function helps you save energy and prolong motor life. This pressure washer with 2400W power, flow rate of 390 l/h and pressure of 220 bar provides a great cleaning experience. This high pressure washer has a brilliant space-saving design and carried effortlessly. It helps in quick cleaning and is easy to assemble and use. It takes upto 5 minutes to wash a two wheeler and upto 10 minutes for a four wheeler on a regular day.

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